Picture(s) of the Day #4 - Shooting Airplanes

Yesterday I've been shooting airplanes...

...of course only with my camera ;-) I wanted to visit this spot for some time now and yesterday the conditions were nearly perfect for the images I had in mind as the weather was something in between "nice sunset" and "storm is coming" so I jumped into the train to Fuhlsbüttel and took some pictures. In fact I had just 20 min or so to shoot before it began to rain hail grains and visibility dropped considerably so I'm pretty satisfied with what i got. Especially if you know that these pictures all have been shot "through" a fence approximately 2,5 m high. Maybe I should bring some kind of footstep next time ? :-)


All Pictures were shot handheld with my Pentax K50 with either the Sigma 105 2.8 * or my Pentax 55 - 300 4-5.6 * at Focal lenghts between 105 and 200 mm with additional croping in post. Camera was set to TAv Mode which is basically the same as Manual with Auto ISO on Canon or Nikon (which isn' reallly Manual anymore, right? ;-) ). Shutter was set between 1/500s and 1/2000s to really freeze the moving airplanes and reduce blur due to camera shake. Aperture between 4-4.5 Which was the best balance for me between some out of focus foreground that I wanted in the image and overall sharpness. Auto ISO led to ISOs between 100 - 800 which is OK, I think. Post processing was primarly done in Lightroom * + selective color correction layers in Photoshop on some of the Images and Noise reduction with NIK Dfine.


Download the Lightroom Preset for free here.

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