Hello, I'm Martin. I'm a thirty-something metropolitan from Hamburg Germany. When I'm not working my regular day job, I love to travel, photograph and playing bass guitar. This site provides a log of the outcome of these hobbys. With travel-photography clearly dominating. ;-)

For me photography is about capturing and being able to share moments, impressions and experiences. Being an amateur I enjoy shooting all kinds of genres, without the restrictions to certain subjects that undoubtly come with professionalism, but without  a doubt: landscapes are my favorite.




You can use all my Images I uploaded here for free under these creative commons terms. Just mention my Name and link to www.mw-life.de ! If you want to use an image and need it in higher resolution or printed please visit my shop page.



If you want to support me, so I can travel even more and take more pictures for you, feel free to donate at the bottom of the page!




My current gear:


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Sony AS100V: *with:



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